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Updated ATV Run info: 2017 Dates May 13th and September 23rd

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2016 Calls 166

2015 Calls 173

2014 Calls 196

2013 Calls 143

2012 Calls 127

2011 Calls 102

2010 Calls 107

2009 Calls 80

2008 Calls 49 




You can help the community too…
By joining the Blue Knob Fire Co.!!! We are always accepting new members to join our family in protecting the community!! There are a variety of positions where you could help and volunteer any extra time you might have!!
Certain Positions would be:
Fire Police- The fire police personnel provide essential safety for the firefighters while they perform their duties. The fire police direct traffic at accidents and other emergencies. Training and equipment will be provided at no cost to you. All active members get insurance while on emergency calls, free training, and special events for your families along with many other benefits that come along with being a member. Retirees are welcome!! Contact us for more information and applications.
Firefighter- You can be a firefighter too!! Granted, it takes time and training, but if you are willing to put the time in, then you can become a volunteer firefighter too and provided help and safety to the community!! All firefighters get insurance while on an emergency and also provided gear. We participate in training every Tuesday night to enhance our skills and to stay prepared. All firefighters are required to take classes and become certified through the state in order to perform certain firefighting tasks. We also have a junior firefighter program for members under the age of 18. The program provides training and experience to the younger generation so that they are ready to assist the senior firefighters on calls and for them too to become a Senior Firefighter. For more information and an application contact us.
Social Member- There's another way to help your community. Become a social member. Social members help the fire department keep its doors open. They help at banquets, dinners, parties, ATV Runs, Community Day and also help prepare the food for those events. Social Members are essential and vital to our fire department. Holding these events allows us to keep our doors open so we can keep protecting our community. Become a social member and help us help the community!! Please contact Bruce Walters for more information and applications for any of these positions.There is a place for anyone that is willing to volunteer their spare time to help the community!!